DesBarres Chocolate - Zafara 72% Dark Chocolate Bar

DesBarres Chocolate

DesBarres is really proud of this bar. It is a blend of smooth and creamy 72% Monte Grande chocolate with exquisite local saffron from Ontario's True Saffron. The owners of True Saffron have termed their farm in eastern Ontario a "mad adventure", but their adventure has produced saffron evaluated to be among the very best in the world. Its deep crimson colour comes with a powerful flavour which blends so beautifully with the honey and caramel notes in the Monte Grande cacao. This bar is rich and deep with saffron, honey, raisin and creamy chocolate; a unique and must-try bar.

2021, Academy of Chocolate Awards, Bronze
2021, Academy of Chocolate Awards, Bronze
2020, Academy of Chocolate Awards, Silver
2019 Academy of Chocolate Awards, Bronze


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