Jacobean Craft Chocolate Liquorice

The Candy Bar

From Jacobean Craft Chocolate:

"LIQUORICE Chocolate is here at JACOBEAN Craft Chocolate studios. After about 6 months, over ten recipes and sifting through the naturally occurring liquorice flavours, we came up with a recipe that we think will be a bridge to those NON-BELIEVERS... and have them come over to the DARK SIDE.

Here is how we FEEL: the sweet taste of coconut in the beginning is divine and shines through the flavour profile. This is followed by the pièce de résistance: peeking out of the flavour wave is a beautiful sweep of LIQUORICE. which is followed by a pristine finish.. a glowing after taste of the shining star. well Star Anise.

We use ORIGIN Vietnam Đắk Lắk Cacao in this creation. Certified AWESOME... "


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