Candy Box

The Candy Bar

Delight candy fanatics and bring back fond memories of childhood visits to sweet shops with a box full of classic candies and new discoveries. The Candy Box is packed with global variety of gummies, hard candies, sweets, jelly foams, bonbons, and sours selected from 200+ varieties of pick'n'mix.


A unique array of gummies, bonbons, wine gums, and hard boiled sweets from the UK, Italy, Holland and North America.


Pucker up with sour fanatics' most popular choices - Lemonheads, Toxic Waste, Warheads and Zure Staafjes from Holland. How sour can YOU go?

Surprise Me!

Unwrap a surprise! Let us choose our favourites for a truly unique experience.

*products included are subject to change depending on availability*


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