Baratti & Milano 4 Emotions Cremino

The Candy Bar

This delicious Baratti & Milano 4 Emotions Cremino is a layered square jewel of artisanal chocolate made from four incredible layers of Baratti & Milano creations. The first layer is of "fondente" which can refer to dark chocolate, but more specifically translates as "concentrated" or "more pure" chocolate. Made from a combination of red fruit forward Ecuadorian Cacao and mineral and floral forward Ghana Cacao.

Second there is a layer of the original recipe with a long tradition, gianduja chocolate, velvety¬†chocolate emulsified so smoothly and¬†harmoniously with Piedmont's famous ‚ÄúTonda e Gentile‚ÄĚ hazelnut, it melts in your mouth.¬†

Third there is a layer of milk chocolate. This milk chocolate is the same blend as the fondente chocolate, but expertly blended with cow's milk from Normandy France. This milk is highly regarded in Europe because of the high protein level compared to fat. This gives the chocolate a richness without an overwhelming bitterness. 

The fourth and final layer is the cacao fat, or better known as white chocolate layer. This layer is made from the best of the cacao fat from both cacao sources to create a white chocolate like you've never tasted before. 

Combine these layers together and you have the four emotions of flavour. Once you take a bite of this creation of all four layers, and let it naturally melt in your mouth, you experience each layer at a time in a way that we can only describe as emotions. 


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