What a Year!

What an amazing year at The Candy Bar, thank you all so much for sharing the fun with us!
Ah the mysterious window - what will it be next? SAVE OUR OCEANS, courtesy of two very passionate kids raising awareness and funds for 4ocean.com? Perhaps your photos, paintings and stories about your pets, rescue organizations, and animal adoption programs; or maybe @transitbricks drawing in the crowds with his lego trains? You’ll have to come by to find out! 
Speaking of revealing things…🌈🦄🍬💓💕We filled this piñata with “secret themed candy” for my niece Ria and Adam’s gender reveal shower. So much love and sweetness - they're having a girl!!! 
All you need is love.... and a little candy to celebrate all the amazing people that make Toronto the best place to live. 
We love to help amazing people when we can by supporting them with sweet gifts for their fundraising campaigns. This year we contributed to Foodshare’s United Way silent auction, The Daily Bread Food Bank, our neighbourhood school fundraisers, comedy troupes, magic shows and many more local community organizations. 
When the theme is 🍬Candy🍭 Call in the sweetest judges around. What a fun morning. Thank you @ooak_toronto for the opportunity to judge the creative candy themed entries this year. .
So many cool, creative people stopped in this year, aaaand maybe we made a few gifts for a few familiar faces we’re not at liberty to mention.  We can talk about Clara Venice and how her passion for the theramin is contagious! 🌈🍬🍭💀🎃
@stevepoltz took to the stage sporting our @thecandybartoronto t-shirt after spending the afternoon learning to braid his hair. The biggest celebs by far were The Gingerbreads who graced the store in December inspiring us to build magnificent holiday architectural creations!
🎉🍭🍬Happy 2019! We’ll bring the Custom Candy Cake ready for celebrating! 🍬🍭🎉