A Trio & Tasting

Join us April 28th for a very special evening at The Candy Bar, when we'll be hosting "A Tasting and a Trio" from 7pm-9pm. Lunar Blooms Trio will be harmonizing and DesBarres will be sharing their hand-crafted bean to bar wares.

Sample DesBarres Chocolate

DesBarres ChocolateCraft chocolate, bean to bar chocolate, small batch chocolate, micro-batch chocolate. DesBarres Chocolate is all of these. 

We are died-in-the-wool makers and chocolate lovers from way back. When we realized with a bit of equipment hacking we could make our own chocolate straight from the bean, we jumped at the chance.  And to our great delight, we not only loved doing it, but also produced something delicious.

The joy in what we do comes from being immersed in the science behind cacao and the craft of chocolate making, from being able to taste, in each bar, the unique locale of the beans we use and, of course, being able to share the chocolate with you. We primarily make two ingredient chocolate, using organic cacao and adding only organic cane sugar.  As we grow we are adding new flavours.

 Why DesBarres, you ask? It's a family name. The old guy above, JFW DesBarres, was a mapmaker and governor and arrived in Canada in the 1700s. He's pictured here loving his namesake bars.

Enjoy Harmonies from Lunar Bloom

Lunar Bloom is an all-female vocal trio comprised of Jocelyn Regina, Kelly McNamee and Brittany Robinson, performing original material that celebrates and explores female voices in harmony. Long-time friends, the trio studied musical theatre together at Sheridan College, and started collaborating together at the beginning of this year. Previously they have opened for Amanda Rheaume in Haliburton and are currently working on the soundtrack for a short film.