The International Chocolate Awards - Canadian National Competition

So. Much. Fun!
This fall marked Paola's first time as a judge at the International Chocolate Awards and she was fortunate enough to be surrounded by- chocolate experts, teachers and super tasters! Martin Christy also joined them at the table - the founder of the award show was having too much fun to remember to get his picture. 
It took all afternoon, but the judges worked through bars, ganaches and bonbons. So much chocolate, so little time (it's the rough life of a chocolate lover). Every bite was assessed for flavour, nuance, mouthfeel and a number of other criteria to determine the best in class. 
We are super proud to carry a number of the award-winning chocolate makers and as many of the award-winning bars as we can. For a full list of winners, visit the Canadian National Competition Winners results. Curious about the winners? Stop in the store to see what's in stock, or order a box of award winning bars direct from Paola here.
Pro tip: eating a variety of intensely flavoured chocolates called for a palette refresher in order to properly taste the nuances of each bite. Can you guess what we used? 


The traditional Italian cornmeal dish we love so much turned out to be the perfect way to get ready for the next bar!